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Looking for an MP4 player for no more than £30 with at least 4GB memory.

Now I've seen these on ebay going for around the £20 but anybody know of anywhere else that sells them and how do you rate them?


This one for £43.50 from ]ukdvdr

im thinking about selling mine its a 6gb media player and can play gameboy games and doom and has loads off other extra's

and the ones on ebay are rubbish i orded 2 ipod style ones and they lasted less than i week and they just started to have major faults and the video dont work that well either

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Anyone else?

Dont touch the ones on Ebay - all the chipods/nanoclones are fake with hacked memory to look like 4GB.

Best off getting it from a shop, but your unlikely to get one for £30 - well not one that works anyway.:p


This one is only a 1gb, I'm not sure if its expandable or not though, but for £18.99 with a free MP3 player, thats not bad going....Oh but its a referb

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