MP4 player, 4-8GB

Looking for the above following the sad loss of my 2year old 40GB player, following a long illness. No flowers please, donations to Battersea Dogs Home.

My trusty old drive was somewhat large (had a laptop hard drive in it) so I've not got a problem carrying round something fairly big. As well as playing my MP3's through an FM transmitter I got from Santa, it used to transport my important (who am I kidding) files around so I could plug'n'pray between home and work, etc. I love the idea of being able to display jpg files which is why I'm looking for something with a colour screen, but to be honest MP4s are a bit outa my league and I'd need a manual to work out how to compress something to put on it! Still, its a nice feature that I might one day learn to use, probably on the day before it goes off to join the Great MP3 Player In The Sky.

The files I carry plus my MP3s come in about 4GB or so which is why I've picked that size, any more would be okay but not worth spending for. I saw the deal a day or so ago for the Archos which looks great but is probably overkill for me and above what I'd like to spend. Looking thru Amazon and Ebuyer there's thousands of these devices of various brands and prices, so what I'm really seeking is a recommendation (or otherwise) from someone who has used a particular drive and can tell me whether its robust, easy to use, etc. Cheers!!!

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How about this little beauty from Aria, £41.00 inc VAT but exc delivery:-

[*]The Platinum Pro MP4 player sports a slimline design, 1.8" TFT colour display plus all the great features that have made the previous Sumvision models so popular.
Features: - 1GB / 2GB on-board flash memory - 1.8", 65k TFT colour display - Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF formats - 6-in-1: Movie player, MP3 player, USB flash drive, digital voice recorder, game player and digital FM tuner - Record audio in WAV (32kbps) or ACT (8kbps) formats - High speed USB2.0 connection - Earphone socket (2.5mm - earphones included) - 7 EQ modes - Built-in lithium rechargeable battery can be charged by USB or power adaptor) - Text reader function[/LIST][LIST]
[*]They also have a great selection of MP4 players:-[/LIST][LIST]
[*]You never mentioned your budget.[/LIST]
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