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Found 7th Jun 2007
I have a MP4 player from Hong Kong the charger that came with it is useless, just a USB cable a power supply where the usb cable plugs into, and it didnt charge my MP4 player at all.

I then used my mobile phone charger as it has a usb connection on end, and though it worked, I got 1-3 hours charge.

I just bought a new one from Ebay from a UK seller which turns out to be a newer model by the same HK company, again all the charger is, is a usb cable and plug, this one works with both cables, but the old mp4 player again only gets 1-3 hours charge and new one which I charged twice only gives an hours charge.

The new one cant be charged with my phone charger(which is dangerous anyway) as it has the same connection as a camcorder.

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