Mr Men toy given minus points on a review for being "educational" =P

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Found 24th Mar 2010…spx

I was looking at the product above and was thinking about getting one (out of stock now so won't be getting one now) and noticed on the reviews that one of the users gave it a negative point for being educational, lol.

Anonymous confirmed purchaser Mean cantankerous whingey flatulent
Good Points: Cute and cuddly
Bad Points: Educational???

Since when has a toy being educational a bad thing?


Which toy? Your link goes to all Mr Men products.

Can't see the review but are you sure they are not meaning "Educational???" to mean that the description says its educational but it really isn't?

Have found it now…spx

Its in reply to this bit probably...

8.3 out of 10 Summary of 3 customer scores
Positive Scores high on design/build quality.
Negative It scores very poorly on educational value

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Thanks buddy, just changed it!

I saw that on another toy at tesco direct and found it strange!
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