Mrio Kart Wii (FRIEND CODE!)

    Hi GUYS

    lets join up for a battel!!!

    post you codes here every1 add everybody eles!
    my code:2793-0737-1601



    Can you play against each other? Do you have to pay anything?

    Yes and no respectively. All you need is for your Wii to be connected to the internet.


    Will have to get this game then:-D

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    no one else got this game?


    no one else got this game?

    Not until Monday/Tuesday! ;-) Just waiting on Choices to deliver!

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    yay! man this game is so fun!

    How do I find the code? I got mine on Friday.

    Found it! 1085-7857-3122-7512

    Tried to register Antj87 without game, but it said incorrect code. Added my nephew this way. Do you add codes in game mode?


    Found it! 1085-7857-3122-7512Tried to add Antj87 but it said incorrect … Found it! 1085-7857-3122-7512Tried to add Antj87 but it said incorrect code, do you have some more numbers?

    That's your Wii Code (console). To find your Mario Kart Wii Code:
    Select Nintendo WiFi Connection from the menu (bottom left) (in the Mario Kart menu/channel, not the Wii).
    Near the bottom of the screen you'll see your Mii, under that is your Mario Kart Wii code.

    To add his/her code:
    Go into the Friend Roster and register a new code/friend.

    Also take a look on my thread Here for more of us who are trying to organise some games tonight at about 9PM.


    God finally got it right! My sons code is 0130-2002-4110. He won't be playing at 9 tonight, he's going to bed then.

    Got my code now - 4296-3237-8424 (Mom)
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