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    Don't know if anyone knows this, but - if I bought 3 gifts in Marks and Spencer in the 3 for 2 offer and then take one gift back, what refunf will they give me?
    e.g. 2 x £25 gifts 1x£15 - so would get the £15 pressie for free - then decide to take one of the £25 gifts back 'cos really don't need/want it after all. What happens?


    You'd get about £21 i think

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    if you have bought instore, they will refund 25pounds if you show the receipt.


    yes i've tried. they don't ask you a single question. well they didn't ask me. may be i was lucky......

    What happens if you take something back you bought on 20% off day on a normal day and you don't have the receipt?

    Do you end up with a credit note for the full amount?

    by the same token if you paid full price for something, but don't have a receipt, would they assume you bought it on 20% off day and only give you 80%?


    what good would that be...unless you planned to keep the credit note untill the next sale....

    you'd only have to buy something else, at full price !
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