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    in MS Word, i curently have a mail merge for 1000 labels (10 per page over 100 pages).

    labels on each page are printed (5 x 2) and numbered sequentially from left to right/top to bottom.


    this works fine but when i cut them out ( i usually cut 10 pages at time) each bundle is out of sequence.


    my question, is there a way to enter values into Excel that would allow me to mail merge the labels so they would be in sequence when cutting them out?

    example, in excel my column values are 1 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 91 2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 92 3 etc etc how can I auto fill these values up to 1000?


    You are using two programs to get a print-out - Word and Excel. This is probably causing the confusion. It needs to be one. You can do mail merge very easily in Word, copy and paste the details from the excel file into a Word table file and then both files will be used to print the labels. You should have precut label sheets for this and just pull the label off and stick on envelope. Not sure why your making it so difficult when it doesnt need to be. You can also specify part numbers to be printed like 100 - 250 if you dont want the whole lot.

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    thx for your reply, i am not having problems printing out or mail merge, in fact i have 6 files with 1000 labels/tickets each ready to be printed.

    My problem is with getting the numbering system in order to make cutting out tickets easier.

    they are not labels as such but merely tickets handed out at work, each with a different number incremented by 1 every time.
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