M&S four dine for £15 deal - Thread appears to have disappeared?

    I read about a meal deal at M&S on here yesterday, and today I can't find it.

    I posted on it that I'd rather have paid £20 for two of their £10 for two deals and got an extra bottle of wine and enough food to feed four people, as their four for £15 deal appeared to be stretching the portions a tad.

    Could it have been removed?


    Yes it must have been removed.

    I agree with you as you would still have to buy more veg etc so probably would end up not being a deal really

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I thought I'd imagined it. I wonder the reasoning behind removing an M&S food deal?


    I've just checked through the spammed posts, & there was a deal posted for M&S yesterday but it was removed as a duplicate of an earlier deal :…or/

    So it's still listed, just on an earlier thread :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks, hadn't noticed the first one.

    i had seen this offer posted 3 times in the last 24 hours..

    I think the posts have all been removed again..

    Its posted here still…-m/

    People need to search before posting one thinks

    the 2 links are for mothers day meals.... back in march! Surely the one the OP is refering to wouldn't be the same???
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