Posted 28th Dec 2022
hi I am looking for a perm office version maybe 20/21 which doesn't mean I need to renew yearly

is there somewhere that has this, I think somewhere like Wowcher had this

can't afford to pay yearly for a package I will use sparingly nor do I need 365

office basic package is sufficient for my needs
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    Download the trial? There are rarely any official sales on Office products, if you get a key for under £10 it's more than likely not legitimate and would be against the terms & conditions of use. Education discounts exist as do employee discounts - any company that uses MS enterprise licenses can pass savings on to employees via the MS home use:…ram

    Use alternatives such as:
    1. LibreOffice
    2. FreeOffice
    3. WPS Office
    4. Calligra
    5. OfficeSuite
    6. Polaris
    7. Google Docs
    The HUP is now a joke; the days of £10 per year are gone. It is now a 30% discount of the published price - this makes it more expensive than the deals that regular pop up at Amazon or Argos for Microsoft 365.
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    I'm a student and have access to free Office, but I still just use LibreOffice anyway. It's excellent.
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    Got mine few months back from gamers outlet I like you just want a product I don't have to keep paying for.…lus
    Cheers mate, microsoft office professional plus for £15.07, code arrived within seconds and activated without any issues ( once I removed the office 365 that is )
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    I used These the other day. Less than £4
    I have used something similar to this, still works fine
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    Try search, this question is regularly asked.

    Official (legitimate licence) expect to pay ~£100, pirated <£10 (or Google for free), uncertain status between the two price points.

    Large employers may offer Home Use Programme licenses (heavily discounted), academic staff and pupils can often get free.