Ms Office Wanted

    Hi. Does anybody have MS OFFICE 2007 that they want to sell - I am looking for the cheapest! So far found someone willing to sell MS OFFICE 2007 & VISTA for £45!!!



    well, if you're not fussy (no pun intended) :-) , 45 quid is a good deal isn't it? if u find a better deal anywhere, let me know as well. cheers


    OFFICE 2007 & VISTA for £45!!!

    Let us know where you can get that - if it's legit lots of people would be interested

    "someone willing to sell MS OFFICE 2007 & VISTA" would appear to imply private sale.
    Well below even OEM cost of MS office 07 and vista basic.
    If it's legit go for that - you wont find it cheaper.

    cheapest office is £65+vat license only i think.

    and cheapest vista is £45+vat.

    So the ppl selling it are either unaware of its value, crazy, or its illegal / stolen.

    You wont get it any cheaper.

    Original Poster

    It was a private sale advertised via web - seller has confirmed that they are copies!!! and will sell them for £20!!..

    I must admit it is Tempting but gonna do it!

    So the moral of the story is... :thinking: If it's too good to be true it normally is!!

    Original Poster

    My last post was supposed to say [SIZE="6"]NOT[/SIZE] gonna do it (DOH!)

    vista costs around £100 doesn't it???

    What about the activation codes?

    Original Poster

    The person selling it has emailed me saying he provides all the codes!
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