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    Hi all,

    Where is the best place for MS points at the minute ?

    Want to stock up before the MW2 Map Pack comes out !!!



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    fragaliciousbob;8107853 £15.99 emailed £7.14 emailed and its the ammount the map pack will be

    800 points ? I've seen it will be 1200......

    Not in stock anyways

    yup 1200 big ones, was lookin forward to the maps but not at this price



    800 points ? I've seen it will be 1200......Not in stock anyways

    if its 1200 points thats a rip off


    if its 1200 points thats a rip off

    it is confirmed 1200 points. For 3 new maps and 2 old ones from cod4. So...thats 1200 points for 3 maps. no spec ops nothing else.

    Biggest rip off for an add on i can remember. At least with cod-waw you got 3 maps and a nazi zombie level which was worth the 800 points alone. Epic fail on this one.

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    You got a confirmation link ?

    That's really really bad sounds good, i used to buy off there!
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