MS04 028 Virus-how do i get rid of it

    i have this Virus on my pc, Norton doesnt pick it up but that microtrend free virus scan does but cant delete it, i,m noticing some of my progs(winavi+nero) arent working correctly and i,m assuming it coming from this,any ideas?


    If it can't be deleted, it's probably held in a file that's currently active. Try using a different login profille and running a complete scan after that. If this still fails, try removing the hard drive, plugging into another PC as a slave and running an AV scan from that machine. That way, no file will be active and it should be able to pick up and delete everything. Also, make sure you do a full spyware scan as well. Spybot Search & Destroy should do the trick. Good luck.

    Download Avast!!!
    It's a free av tool and once installed do a full bootup time scan, this will scan all files before the os loads and will find all nasties - also use windows defender to scan for spyware.

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    so using Avast should find it and delete it?bad day when Norton cant get it eh?will try it out tonight when in from work,ta

    If you run a scan on it and can't remove it go to safe mode on your PC and delete ....Good Luck ...Try filehippo for free software to do it
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