MSE Anti Virus

    Downloaded this last night on to laptop running XP but in windows security settings it says that I do not currently have an antivirus programme!!
    I know you shouldn't have more than one AV on a machine but in this instance would it be ok to have avast or something similar as well?
    Also downloaded it on to laptop running Vista and got same thing - am I missing something here?


    Is it fully updated etc? I haven't actually used or seen MSE in action so cannot comment on its operations, but merely speculate.

    I've been using MSE since just before Xmas & found it fine, no problems.
    Are you sure you installed it correctly & performed the first run?
    You cant have another anti-virus like Avast but I also use Ad-Aware.


    if it is installed properly then just tell the security centre to stop monitoring for AV as you have one working

    I;m surprised MS software cant detect that you are running MS AV lol

    then again, maybe I;m not!

    MS Essentials works just fine on my XP machine.

    I like it.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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