MSE thread causes sainsburys to suspend vouchers

    A warning about sharing personal voucher codes:
    Sainsbury's has had to cancel a series of discounts offered to online shoppers after voucher codes posted on a web forum were used by literally hundreds of people.
    The company had offered online shoppers £10 off their next shop if deliveries were late. One recipient of late groceries decided to share the voucher codes with the online community at Unsurprisingly, the codes were enthusiastically received.
    Read more here:…ys/…ys/


    Er... that article is from November 2004. :lol:

    Few weeks ago, someone posted 2 £5 codes for differeing week periods, the codes didn't seem public.
    The thread was quickly removed from here, but I had them in cache and saved the page... used both, got £5 off both my shoppings, I have a feeling it is still happening ;-)

    Original Poster

    I'm like that copper in Life on Mars,I've gone back in time.:giggle:
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