MSI Cash back, Ryzen 5 3600 6 core 12thread + X470 Gaming Plus Motherboard £216 after Cashback.

Posted 20th Feb 2020
MSI is doing a cashback deal atm if you buy a X570 which im not going to go into with the X570..... but whats included is one of my personal fab motherboards and thats the X470 Gaming Plus MAX, it can handle the 3rd Gen out of the box with the refresh Bios and only a nudge over the B450 in price.,

This promo offer covers 3900x 3800x 3700x 3600x 3000 3400g 3200G...…ck/

see the website for more detail, u might find alt idea with the other cpus just as good option for yourself inside this, there is also a case combo offer too much messing around ,

im going to pick the most suited CPU for this bundle as an idea for folks and thats the Ryzen 3600... have a check if the other CPU work nice too? 3700x

CCL X470 £99…03/

Ebuyer X470 £99…max

CCl: Ryzen 5 3600 £160.00…01/

Ebuyer: Ryzen 5 3600 £160.00…box

£160 for the CPU, £99 for motherboard X470.

and get £43 Cashback = £216

so if interested the question is do you pick CCL or EBuyer for this deal?

Cheapest place for the 3600 is Aria PC £149...... + £99 for this mb makes £249
so still a £33 once cashback has been paid for this combo then the cheapest place for both.

## Done some for you: ###
best of the other CPUs, between both companies:

Ebuyer 3200G + X470 = 146 after cash back, considering its £45 for a A320 + £79 cheapest place for a 3200G = £124......…box

Ebuyer 3600x + X470 = 251 after cash back…box

Ebuyer: 3700X + X470 = £323 after cash back…box do have the cpus at a competive price, but the X470 line is £30 more then CCL/Ebuyers.. may work for the x570 which as stated have not looked into as i dont rate the X570 favable myself.

#AWD are doing this promo, however no X470 lines on the site by msi under this, only X570...... for interested memebers..
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