MSI GE66 Raider 15.6" from Currys

Posted 1st Feb 2021
Hi all, my first post here, would like to say hello and many thanks to you for all deals uploads in past, I used them and saved many pounds <3.

I need to buy a new laptop as quickly as I can (time to one-month maximum). I need it for study, need be a little mobile device, so that's why I don't want PC (I know it is better [pc master race :D]), I like games, games and of course games. Sometimes I need to use it to create music, edit photo or video( not like professional), of course for study, some projects in Word, PowerPoint etc, so in my opinion, I need gaming beast laptop! I found one on the Currys store:…tml

My question is what kind of graphic card they used in that laptop? What wattage is it? I know the new generation of Nvidia cards makes people confused, one RTX 3060 can be better than 3070 if we mean about mobile version (don't know about desktops). I saw RTX 3070 can be on 125W or 90W and its make differents.

Generally, I would like to focus on a laptop with rtx3070, ram I can upgrade, SSD disc as well, screen refresh better or the same as 144Hz, can be fullhd or better and 15 inches or more.
Budget is 1800 +/- (on Currys I have a voucher), cheaper is better for me( use the same philosophy in your life, you will feel better, promise).

Hope you know what I mean and you can help me!!
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