MSI GTX 1080 ti from £684 or 1080 from £435 @ Very ( Using credit )

Found 5th May 2017
Didn't want to put this as a deal considering people just vote cold because they see it's a Very deal.

Anyhow if you are in the market for a GTX 1080 ti and have a Very account with credit available. They are currently offering 10% back if you buy a GPU via buy now pay later. Meaning if you was to buy the cheapest 1080 ti which is a MSI Founders Edition at £749.99 with the 10% credit back. Makes it £684. Not the cheapest for an 1080 ti but not to far off. Plus you don't have to pay right away. As long as you pay it back within 12 months you won't get charged interest.

They only have the MSI founder edition for £750. The MSI Aero OC for £759. The MSI Armour Edition for £769 and the MSI gaming x for £789.

They also have 1080s which is also included in the 10% offer. Plus if you an extra £42 back from MSI. So for example if you was to buy the MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Aero 8Gb OC for £529.99 the knock 10% off making it £477 plus the extra £42 back from MSI making a brand new 1080 £435.

Just to clear up any confusion. You get the 10% knocked off the total price. You don't have to spend it or anything. So for example you get the 1080 for £529.99 Very and add it to your credit account. Very will then add the 10% off to your balance by the 15th June. Once they knocked off the 10% from your credit owed. You can then pay it all of in one go if you wish.

The 10% offer is not exclusive to MSI or anything. Any GPU or computer over £299 is included in this offer. Offer ends next Thursday (11th).

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Apologies for the broken English lol phone and it's silly auto correct.
So what you're saying is you get 10% off.

So what you're saying is you get 10% off.

To put it short yes. Plus an extra £42 if you got with an MSI 1080.
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