MSI motherboards - how do I know if the drivers / Bios / software is up to date?

Posted 21st May
Bought a new MSI motherboard a while ago and it came with a software CD that is no use without a cd writer.
Anyway, went to their website where there appears to be a few new drivers, BIOS etc. but some appear to be the same even though they claim to be different, and don't want to have to install one after another.
Google gave the impression that there's a MSI app that checks and updates things, but after a bit of searching, all I can get is a dead link.
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What's your mobo' full spec?
Socket etc

I usually only install BIOS from official website

Get chipset drivers from AMD/Intel
Get the latest bios version from MSI and grab the drivers from Intel/AMD.

MSI do have Live Update 6 but I have personally never used it.
MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
MSI have an EU / UK, Global (Taiwan), and US websites. All have different bios, software etc depending on the locality and motherboard model designation. Use…/mb . There are two versions of the B450 Gaming Pro, so refer to the instruction manual or see below*. This will link you to the exact motherboard model when you enter the correct drop down menus. You can then select the right software and drivers for the Chipset, motherboard LAN, MCH etc.

*When a motherboard boots, the BIOS should provide the Motherboards model and firmware revision. If you download the latest instruction manual for the motherboard it should provide the exact key to press to enter the BIOS before Windows starts. This way you'll have the time to examine the BIOS release, or adjust the settings if you are installing or updating settings to recognise the internal components i.e.. SSD. Do not update the BIOS Firmware unless deemed required, and have the knowledge / experience! Always refer to the manual or research the internet if you need assistance or guidance on the various settings for each component.

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