msi wind help please - connection issues

    hi all....

    my daughter has an msi wind netbook, been connected to my router without issues since xmas...she took it to my mums yesterday (no net) today at home it wont connect to net, tried to connect to a neighbours too but wont allow it either any ideas please?

    thank you


    does it see it and then fail saying wrong key really quickly, before it has a chance to handshake?

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    handshake? i dont understand? ive system restored and it goes online... but keep getting a pop up saying my kaspersky has encountered a problem and this the issue?? oh dear... these things are a pain in the rear

    We have the same notebook, have you checked that you havent turned off wireless network ? If so its the blue Fn button and the wireless button (in blue) its so easily turned off as we have done it a couple of times ! :thumbsup: hope this may help x

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    thank you yes that was first thing checked

    Arrh sorry that wasnt the answer ! like you our daughter has had hers since xmas and has connected to any network wherever she has taken it ( better than my top of the range dell laptop !lol) and that is the obnly issue we have come across was when the wireless was accidently turned off !, have you tried connecting another way than wireless? x

    if its running windows 7 you should try turning off the IPv6 there is a massive problem with Windows7 and wireless internet/networks.....
    I have had loads of problems with my MSI Wind 12, with what i said earlier and this finally fixed it. if you need a hand on how give me a shout

    Handshake just means b4 it goes on the internet it says hello to the router, so if it fails within 2 seconds of putting the passkey in, its not really getting to handshake and is a laptop issue.

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    ok...its w xp... the restore allows net access but its throwing out the kaspersky, so im going to unistall and re install it, hopefully that will sort it
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