Found 12th Apr 2007
Is anyones msn working or is it just me?:-(

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YES ONCE AGAIN ITS REALLY PI$$ING ME OFF and i cannot access my inbox either.

Fine here.

I haven't been able to get on mine for days. keeps saying wrong ip. but it ain't.

ive got probs here too.

if you have live messenger at the bottom is a tab called service status, if you click it it shows a page letting you know its donw and since when :thumbsup:

i can check my mail now

Me and my neighbour can't log in!

I had this problem for ages (im talking months here!). Went over to a program called Trillian which allows you to have MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger etc all from one program.

The basic version is free and well worth the download. Not had a problem with not being able to log in since moving to it.…tml

For the download from

Service Status

This page will be updated when information becomes available. .NET Messenger Service Sign In
The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. Please try again later.
Last Update: 4/12/2007 11:00:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)

its working again for me

yep, and for me
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