MSN help please

    been trying to get on to messenger for the past few days. ive been getting an error code, after searching for the code, and checking some suggestions, none of them seem to work. ive reinstalled it a few times to, closed the firewall and then tried, nothing seems to work.


    what code is it?

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    oh sorry
    Error Code 80048820
    Extended Error Code 80048412


    oh sorry Error Code 80048820Extended Error Code 80048412

    I just done a quick google and thats one I had before as my system time wasn't correct

    There's plenty of causes for it so we'll start at the begining, have you installed any new software or hardware recently?

    Actually first have you used MSN on your pc without any problems before? Stupid question I know but there you go

    Also just in case your interested in the time being if you have the new firefox installed you can download a plugin for that called meebo or use ]e-buddy to log in in the time being, one of those two should still work for you


    Happened to me a while back. I just loaded windows messenger (comes free with windows computers) up and that worked fine for me. For the time being use e-buddy as suggested above and also [url][/url] is a good site

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    thanks for the replys guys, ive been using ebuddy, i'll try downloading windows messenger
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