MSN messenger not working on my vista

    Just got a new pc with vista, when i try logging into msn messenger it cotninues to try logging in with the msn logo rotating for about 5 mins, then i get an error code.

    Can anyone help?


    is that msn messenger or "windows live messenger"

    Is your time and date correct? try the troubleshoot button and tell us what doesn't pass the check

    I had this probelem last week, if you have a router simply try turning everything off, then pressing the little reset button on the router, then turn everthing back on, worked for me.

    What security do you have, is it being blocked by a firewall?

    Also Currently it appears that live is down, mine can't log me in to email or messenger...

    oh and one silly thing, make sure you have your or .com right....I spent an hour once trying to get mine to work, and I was using the wrong domain suffix.

    I'm currently on messanger and all seems fine here. On XP though (after a re-install over the weekend)

    lucky you, its a bloody virus magnet lol

    yeah, mine did this last week, couldnt get it to work so had to uninstall and redownload. no probs since. x

    mine is working fine on vista...what's the error code? Always good as a starter for ten ;o)


    No, actually the users are a virus magnet, if you're stupid enough to get … No, actually the users are a virus magnet, if you're stupid enough to get a virus from it, you're too stupid to communicate on it anyway.

    isn't that a paradox?
    i personally have avoided msn for the simple reason, combine complex networking protocols, a scripting language, throw in some proprietary source software and give it away free to 8 million teenage hackers and its a recipe for disaster
    nonetheless i wouldn't go as far as calling everyone who has used it and become hacked/infected "stupid"
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