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    Im just wondering if MSN is safe?
    I know its really easy to share files and such, but can the people you add as contacts access your files and pictures and such that you have stored on your computer?
    Or am i just being paraniod? lol.


    Yeah MSN is safe (well to a degree, Its a safe as online chat can be), People in your contacts list can't access any files unless you send them...

    Whats is ever 100% safe these days.....

    Just to echo IOM's point - unless you send them you should be fine :thumbsup:

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    What happened to your avatar Dunno?

    (was it you who's sofa got drawn on in black marker pen by your brother?, I get confused! :? :giggle: )

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    Yep, and its still on there :-( But gradually fading lol.

    its fine its safe BUT if you want safer use SSL FTP Protocols

    The main issue with MSN to be aware of is file transfers you're not expecting - this is the primary way to spread malware although I'm not sure if it's still a problem I haven't seen it for a while. If out of the blue someone wants to send you the file, never accept it always check what the file is first before doing anything.

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