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My Daughter had a mini dell notebook for Christmas that came with McAfee security preloaded for 1 month. She seems to have picked up a virus by using MSN, she has opened a link saying there was a picture and she now has problems with MSN and is sending the link to other people.

I am running a full scan with McAfee but was wondering can I download avg free as well as having McAfee on?


i wouldnt recommend it as they conflict with each other. ive had the same virus.make sure she doesnt log into msn until your rid of it. its a trojan if i remember rightly?

it happened to someone i know, just change your password and it goes.

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Thanks, whats the best wayof getting rid of a trojan?

I will try changing the password as well

Wish me luck

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I have spoken to my Daughter about watching what she's opening, but she;'only 11, you know what they're lik. She's been given the riot act now though - LOL

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can i download spybot as well as having McAfee? is better than spy bot (for me anyway)

I agree it's never a good idea to run two AV apps side by side on the same computer.They both contend for the same resources resulting in system crashes, freezes and other instabilities.
If it were my problem I would run an online scan from Trend from:
This should pick up any malware and deal with it.
I would uninstall your current AV and download Avira anti-virus free from:
install and run that.It is one of the best and most sensitive free AV apps out there.

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Thanks everyone -all good fun - NOT

willdev;7534668 is better than spy bot (for me anyway)

Malwarebytes will pick up most spyware, i tried the other sear&destroy before didnt work as well as malwarebytes did
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