Found 23rd Aug 2007
Thought i'd let you all know.

Do NOT accept any .zip files on msn. This is a virus going round at the moment. It will hijack your msn and send it to all your contacts. I've had some like "look at my holiday photos accept this file" and it saying "". There are more like anothe member said on another forum "" and "". If its your friend just ring them up saying is this you sending me this.

Just though i'd let you guys know. Im going to post this on a few more forums to warn them.

Thanks for taking the time to look

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This is true. It happened with one of my contacts, thankfully I didn't accept it.

do people not use yahoo no more?

This happens often with dodgey links too, stay away


do people not use yahoo no more?

Not as popular tbh.

Got sent an email with "look at my hot web cam photos", Link was actually a virus (I didn't click the link, Its been going around for a while too)

Thanks for the heads up, although I wouldn't accept a file without properly asking the sender about it first. :thumbsup:
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