is scam

Posted 25th Jan 2023
MTC game is one of the worst site I have come across. I was charged,then asked to verify phone number. Why wasn't I asked to verify my phone number before charging me? I wanted to aske for a refund, then I noticed I couldn't get a refund because the terms and conditions says I cannot request a refund, meanwhile there was a refund check box just after the terms and conditions check box. Why put a refund check if the terms and conditions states that customers cannot use the refund service. Clearly because they want to deceive innocent buyers into falling prey.
I decided to verify the number, but till date I still haven't received any SMS verification code. I have tried multiple times but nothing was sent on each occasion, and worse of all, there is a 30min interval in requesting for a new code, a way to make the victim loose interest in trying to verify his phone number. They just paid alot of fools to say good stuff about them so they can scam people.
Stay clear of that site, I wonder why Google still harbor it on their search result.
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    I’ve bought loads of codes from there, never had an issue.
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    Cuánto tarda en llegar el código yo compré de crash of clans y aún no me llega
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    Never had any issue with them.
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    Have you contacted them for help?
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