MTV Mash-Ups

    Hello, Just thinking about these. Used to watch them on the telly all the time but they stopped years ago, some of them were pure genius.

    Did anyone else used to watch them, and do you know where I can find like a database of all of them?


    Yeah I remember these.....have you tried yuotube ??

    look up soulwax too many dj's

    used to have loads of them on my laptop until i rebooted the bloody thing go on limewire and type in mtvmashups, they all come up

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    Im on Youtube now, But its not much good unless you actually remember what the songs were!

    Dont use Limewire, P2P is not the way to go hehe

    I have a lot of mash-ups on my PC atm. Some are good, some aren't.

    I tried making some once (I have hundreds of acapellas of various songs) but it's really hard to get instrumental versions of songs (I would have thought it was the other way around?). I found a guide on how to minimise the vocals on a song but it was too technical for me...

    limewire I've got most of them in the last few weeks :thumbsup:

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    Ive got a bunch of programs and things for making mash-ups and music but I never feel inspired enough to make anything worthwhile. Bt strange seeing as Im a drummer and can just jam for hours!

    Im more after a site which lists all the mash-ups they did. Then I can go and hunt them via my own sources heh

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    A fave of … A fave of mine

    Very good!

    My fave is…AwM

    hmm i have saved a site with loads on... let me just find it.. will update in a sec

    Right its [url][/url] on and go through each volume, theres hundreds in each!

    I should probably add, they're not mtv ones but the same kinda thing!

    Check out Ministry of Sound Mash Up Mix 2008

    its a album BTW

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    Thanks clairelouise!

    deejay, already got it

    Love mtv mashups!!! Got a few on my ipod but lost a load when my pc died....may have toresurrect my collection now!
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