Muddy Fox Mountain or Decathlon bike?

Posted 3rd Feb
Please give me advice! Hi, I want to buy my 11 year old a new bike. His use will be mainly cycle trails, the canal, disused railways and to and from school. Some tracks will be a little rough with pot holes etc but nothing too major.

I am looking at this-…BwE

But then saw this for much cheaper with full suspension -…BwE
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Personally I’d go for the decathlon one over a sportsdirect POS.

Alloy frame vs steel, so weight should be better.
And the rear suspension won’t be worth much on a bike at that price.
Decathlon 100 % they even build it in store so great if you have one near by
Ditto. Still riding my tribal 3 and rock rider. No5 flashy but neither have I spent money I don’t have on a brand nam
thats full suspension made really badly, just means bike bobs up and down on each pedal making pedaling much harder.
I bought a cheap muddy fox for myself a few years back to see if I could get into mountain biking and what a piece of you know what.. so heavy and cheaply built, it’s basically made to look and seem good but be terrible. Decathalon are more of a budget brand who try to make bikes the best value for the money.
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