Mulitple laptops and wireless broadband

    Just bought a new laptop today for the missus to replace her mashed up one.

    A quick question regarding connectivity of multiple laptops at the same time on a home network.

    Previously my missus' Dell and my Samsung have been able to connect at the same time. I bought her a Sony Viao and for some reason this doesn't allow internet connection if my Samsung is on and connected and via versa.

    Anyone know how to sort this?

    I'm on Virgin broadband by the way.


    :)go to network connections on the new lappy then lan settings and tick the autimaticaly detect box (network settings)i think, then reboot new lappy

    then again just spotted the wireless part so im probably wrong sorry xx

    Most likely a router problem. Best phone Virgin Broadband and get their tech support to talk you through it. If you get the right person, they should know what to do.

    Make sure that neither laptop has a fixed IP address on your home network. Try to ensure that both use the DHCP Server on the router to aquire one.

    Also, and it may be a long shot, but there may be a low fixed number of allowed devices set on the router. Easily checked by connecting other WiFi devices after one of the laptops is connected (PDA, Phone etc other than the second laptop). Or check the admin settings on the router and extend the number of authorised devices if necessary.

    Just something to check and try.
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