Okay, we have 2 computers in the house, does that mean we can only have 1 account for both computers or is it 1 account per computer. I've just got a feeling it could be each IP address.



    One person, one account. If you are saying there are more than one person - then PM the mods and explain (Else get a ban for multi accounts on the same IP)

    They will both have the same IP address anyway? Its one account per person but if you have multiple people at one address you really must contact a mod before registering multi-accounts or you risk getting them (all) banned...

    Unless you're trolling about I can't see the mods caring that 2 obviously different people share the same IP. Easy enough to assume they're either living together or in the same class.

    If on the other hand you have 2 people who type the same way, get everyone riled up, one's married and one's hitting on HUKD chicks - then they might take a look at your IP.

    Wouldn't worry yourself.

    My son opened an account, and we have three computers, and I was suspended and he was banned, because they took it for granted that I had multiple accounts! I wouldn't mind but I didn't know he had opened an account

    Send an e-mail to HUKD through the "]Contact Us" button

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    Cheers everyone, decided to just stay with my account, means I'm gonna be getting an earful on what to search for, sell and trade :'(
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