Hi does any one know of any cheap deals on car insurance, i have bought a cheap second hand car to get to work in, as i prefer to keep my nissan 350z in the garage, for special occasions
    what is the best way i can get insurance for a second ( its a Rav 4 1998)car as i dont have any no claims on the second vehicle, quotes have been around the £350 mark
    which seems a bit steep, my partner has her own car so cant put it in her name any ideas?


    Admiral and Direct Line do these policies

    I had a multi car with Admiral once, and they were the cheapest.

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    how does it work

    Might it not be cheaper to insure the RAV as your main car then have the Nissan on a limited mileage insurance cover.

    With mine, I had two cars and two drivers. Both cars were on the same policy, and both of us were fully insured to drive either.

    Basically they give you two quotes (one for each car) but then add them together. You can only use your no claims discount on one of the cars though!

    Give direct line a try, they are quite flexible and take into account your previous driving history etc while giving u quote. My case was a bit different, we had two cars, my wife was a new driver but had driven on my insurance as a named driver for a few years, so they took this fact into account, we got fully insured on both cars for around £425 while the second best quote from the other companies was around £1000 mark! Be polite to them and mention that you have been referred by a hypothetical friend of yours

    Good luck

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    cheers for your help
    will try admiral

    Churchill offers 60% discount on second Car - cost us ~ £160 without NCB for the second car
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