Multi GPU setup non sli, 2nd GPU recommendations

Found 13th Aug 2017
Hi, got a bit of a weird situation here. I've got a desktop with a R9 290 GPU and 3 monitors, 2x DVI + 1x HDMI. I've now got a DK2 HMD which requires an additional HDMI. I assumed wrongly that I could just get a Display Port to HDMI box and swap between onboard HDMI and Display Port. This doesn't work very well at all so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap GPU card that supports 2x DVI so I can dump two of my monitors to another GPU whilst letting my R9 290 doing gaming and VR.

Really I'd like a GPU that doesn't require additional power and can handle HDCP for video playback. Hopefully this can take some load off the R9 290 as well because it goes nuts sometimes with video rendering to multiple monitors.

I know this is a lot to ask so if anyone has any insight on this I would be very grateful. Thanks
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