Found 24th Jan 2010
Hi All

Looking for some advice please:

Have been searching high and low for a multi gym / treadmill.

Finally come across a few on the littlewoods etc website, but now feeling rather aprehensive.

Can anyone give opinions on the following products I am looking at?

Looking at a few of these:





I appreciate your time. Thanks.


What area are you in? Some councils are offering FREE gym access at off peak times.

the latter multi gym is a BEAST! looks very good, v fit are ok, i probably wouldnt pay £500 for it though. id want a better brand for that price. Look at more specilist websites as your probably get 1) better price, 2) better support, 3) longer warranty

Get yourself a push bike and enjoy the scenery instead

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Not one offering free gym - South East London, Damn it! - Thanks though

Edit, I should have said, need to puchase from catalogue to take advantage of their Buy Now Pay Later option!

Thanks Awood.

ah gotcha sarah. not sure but im sure some other companies do so, but might be worth a look if they do or not. I usually live in SE London myself, in blackheath and use to goto the gym near greenwich, but 1) its expensive, 2) at peak times you can never get on anything, 3) bus fare back and forth to add on!

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Esp, with all the new members that join in January and quit by February! Really annoy me.

Want to stop going to my gym - Same reasons as you - too Inconvenient.

Think I have found my treadmill! - Would pay slightly extra for warrently purposes. Well, actually alot extra!…htm


look at argos instead, they wont steal your money like additions direct will

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I would.....but need to take advantag of the BNPL.

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*And the Lifetime warrenty also.

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Also, does the multi gym actually come with weights? Anyone know?


bowflex for mutigym.


Also, does the multi gym actually come with weights? Anyone … Also, does the multi gym actually come with weights? Anyone know?Thanks

Yes that multi gym would come with the 90kg weights.

Regarding the treadmills; i bought the following one from very:…y=Y

My review so far:
- looks very solid and well built, does not look cheap
- Has most features similar to the expensive treadmills out there. I.e pulse reader
- LCD screen is clear and a good size in my opinion. Unless your after a built in tv model
- I suppose it could do with a wider running space, length is fine.
- quite heavy so best to decide whether you want it upstairs or down. It has wheels so possible to maneuver around.
- only receive 1 year warranty and apparently very do not offer extended on this treadmill.

Have used it over a month now (Running twice a week), still going strong with no issues.
Overall, I would recommend it :thumbsup:

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Hi Ele-font (Lol@the name!) - Appreciate your advice - Has helped a lot. Just ordered the Multi-Gym!

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I had to cancel my order re: multi gym, but have re-ordered again.

Been doing some more reading, and I am now worried that the weights do not come with the multi gym?

Can I have opinions on this from you guys please?

Tried calling the website - not much help, many , many thanks.…_id
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