Multi Gym Wanted

    Looking for a home Multi Gym.

    Budget of up to £200.



    Two have come up on Ebuyer recently, both within your budget and both with free delivery:…818 £89.99…970 £199.99

    There are also a few at Argos if you prefer as I had a look just before Xmas on there to compare to Ebuyer.

    Original Poster

    Shipping Charge: £35.60... ?

    I was looking for one as well - is it the New Years resolution thing to get fit by any chance!

    Argos have one for £130 - only £5 delivery I think

    Also, if your not sure (like me), that you will actually end up using it, maybe just get some weights first for £20 Argos and see if you do end up using them


    Shipping Charge: £35.60... ?

    Change to 5 day delivery, its free.
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