Multi scart question?

    I have just bought a new telly it has only one scart. My question is I have surround sound/dvd player and also SKY i need two scart outlets. I know you can buy a multi scart but do i need an automatic one and whats the difference?


    I don't think you need an automatic scart. A simple multi scart should do.

    you can get a manual or automatic splitter, the manual one you will have to push a button to switch and guess what? the automatic one does it by itself! :-)

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    Also if i have my surround sound and sky on at same time do they both work together? Also the TV is samsung and most of their new tvs have 1 scart outlet


    A new TV with only one scart?

    all the current samsung range only have one scart. some of the series 7 LEDs have none


    Wow, how stupid.

    tell me about it, at the DSG product roadshow in Harrogate earlier this year I asked the samsung rep why, when they were demoing the new LED sets to us.

    her reply was that Scart or Euro connections are an analogue connection and being phased out, cos they are also only used in the UK and Europe

    OP, I currently have... A PS3, Xbox 360, SKY, Surround sound system all plugged into a tv which has 1 slot for the yellow white red cables, and 1 scart cable. All working with each other I can using the tv remote and not having to switch any wires around.

    I'll let you know how to do it if your interested? Seems better than getting a multi scart thing lol.


    PS3 and 360 (and maybe sky) are HDMI though. So that won't help them at … PS3 and 360 (and maybe sky) are HDMI though. So that won't help them at all.

    None of it is HDMI its in my bedroom no HDTV there :thumbsup:

    Does the surround sound/dvd player not have a scart pass through? Plug the sky into the surround sound/dvd player and then the surround sound/dvd player to the tv.

    Does the TV not have a set of RCA connectors to use instead of the scart?


    Ah k, just using a multi scart splitter?


    1. Xbox 360 is connected to the t.v via Composite (whatever you call it) slot.
    2. Sky is connected into t.v via scart into to the only scart slot in the back of the t.v.
    3 PS3 You get a scart adapter which you should get with a PS3
    Plug that into the other scart slot at the back of the sky box. and put the composite or whatever cables you need into the scart adapter.

    Thats the Sky, 360, PS3 connected (To switch between sky and ps3 you just turn on and turn off the Sky using the sky remote.)
    Now you put the surround sound cables (mine are black and red) into the back of the sky aswell.

    Should all work fine now :thumbsup: Surround sound works on my T.V, Sky, Xbox 360 & PS3.
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