Multi-tasking at its finest!!

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Found 3rd Mar 2009
i didnt know weather to be shocked or laugh at this one!!!…hio

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i saw something today on way to postoffice. a woman drove past with a small child standing on passenger seat leaning on the dashboard. i was absolutely horrified. i told my partner, and she knows the person. ive told her to tell the woman that i called the police. talk about utter stupidity.
As a thought...what could the police do now? nothing? as they didnt see it themselves?

You know what really annoys me about that type of person?

When something bad happens they always say "WHY ME?"

it's because you're a fekkin eejit!!

OMG!!!! appalling!!

lol, I had the multitasking thought too.

But yes it's awful. I'd have felt sick if I'd have seen her risking her childs life not to mention everyone elses like that.


Boobieeeee!!! another lumoruk inane post

This kids face...funny!

Big enough?



Big enough?

slurp slurp :lol: :w00t:
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