Found 21st Mar 2011
Been trying to "get healthy" recently (not really an appearance thing, just a drive to being in better health in all departments).

Diet has improved a lot, and my fitness is steadily improving also through regular exercise. One thing I have begun to consider to aid my new found healthy living is taking daily vitamins...

What are the benefits? What are the best to take? Any and all advice appreciated!

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Seven Seas always a good choice.
Boots vitamins are good too,
Best to buy multi vitamins

get a blood test and ask your doctor for advice, see what you lack, you can actually do damage if you take the wrong ones.
look at things like zinc, magnesium, iron etc

according to bad science there's pretty much no evidence that they have any beneficial effect. in some studies, there was the possibility they were actually harmful.

i do take vitamin d supplements because i do not get enough sun, i live in scotland where half the population are deficient (in vitamin d that is )

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Cheers guys. Think I'm even more confused now tho :P

If you've got a healthy, varied diet the addition of a multivit will (probably) have no discernible effect. Some aspects of them are handy if you're aging, or child-bearing, or have isolated requirements (which you can ask your Doc to diagnose) but on the whole it sounds like, for you, it'd be a waste of money. Your best bet is to chat with your Doc about it, they will know best.


If you are deficient in something there will usually be a sign. I had a potassium deficiency and suffered from severe leg cramps, particularly after exercise. If you're feeling good and you eat the right food there probably would be no need to take supplements.
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