MultiCAR/VAN insurance?

    Hi can anyone tell me the best way to go about getting insured on a van, and car, I use both, and want to keep both, but cannot find anywhere that offers this.

    Is it true that you can only use your NCB on ONE vehicle, meaning if I have 3yrs NCB, I can only get that discount on the car, OR van?



    yep it sucks but its true.

    I did loads of phoning round and ended up with
    they gave me an allowance on a second policy based on the ncd on the first policy, which did not have to be with them. The second policy is only valid as long as the first policy is maintained.
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    Twin cone with sprinkly bits and raspberry sauce please.

    it will hinge on whether you want commercial use on the van, if yes, I think you have no chance

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    No, I use the van for commuting, not commercial use
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