MultiGym (time to get fit lol) like weilder 9025

    Anyone find any good prices for a multi gym? i had my eye on a weilder 9025 in Tesco at £199 but they have removed it now im ready to buy it lol.
    Any help on a good bargain will be greatfully accepted.
    I have approx £200-£250 to spend



    Two from LXDirect.Com

    You might be able to use the 10% and £15 off discount codes in the voucher section above, if applicable.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all ill look into those ones see whats best :>)


    I have a multigym available if you are looking? I am in the South of England? It is about 7 years old but never been used?

    Lol, I must know loads of people who have one 'never used'. Home workout never works out. A bit of advice, join a gym and save your money for that. If you are afraid you will be embarrassed by either your puni-ness or your flabbiness, don't be. No one cares when you get there because they know you are there to improve yourself (used to be a gym instructor btw).

    If you use your multi-gym for more than 2, 2 hour workouts, I will eat my hat.

    Guessing you're not keen on gym either bcos of embarrassment, confidence or lack of time... most of us face this hurdle.

    IMHO multigym is a waste of time and money... only good for conditioning, unless you spend £1000s on a top notch US brand. If Local Gym is not an option then Better in long run to get barbell and/ or dumbells and workout at home... ask in this forum for sample workouts/ training plans ( which will be diffwerent depending on your goals of course !)

    Actually, if your planned purchase is similar to that in the pic above, dont buy it... my bro purchased a similar model from a retailer in Glasgow (brand = Marcy) and the movement is not smooth as the cable stations you'd find in a proper gym... you wanna tone up and/ or gain weight... then join a gym or go for free weights as mentioned above…tml

    HG 90

    not sure what the company domyos is like but to get a gym like that and a punchbag attatchment is rare and expensive - but that seems like a great deal i'm gonna go for it myself
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