Multiple competitions at the Mirror.

Found 9th Feb 2005
Several competitions from the Mirror paper web site: mirror.co.uk/com…ns/

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >IN VALENTINES DAY GOODIES< answer - Kirsten Dunst?
We've an amazing give away to mark the release of the hit romantic comedy Wimbledon on DVD

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN A DIVING COURSE< answer - Will Smith
We're giving away a PADI Referral Course and three DVD copies of Shark Tale...

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN ALFIE ON DVD< answer - Jude Law
Jude Law stars as the cockney womaniser Alfie in this remake of the classic 1966 Michael Caine film...

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN A DVD PLAYER< answer - Maggie Gyllenhall
Or one of five special Secretary goodie-bags we're giving away to celebrate the DVD release of the film... more

mirror.co.uk/new…tml >WIN A COMPLETE HOME PHOTO STUDIO< answer - red-eye removal
We've teamed up with Lexmark and Olympus to offer three home photo studios worth £400 each

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN A TIVOLI RADIO< answer - Ron Burgundy
Here's your chance to win a stylish wireless, plus copies of Anchorman on DVD...

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN AN INSTANT DVD COLLECTION< one answer - The Abyss, Alien.
We've teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for an amazing movie giveaway.

mirror.co.uk/com…tml >WIN FLIGHTS TO EUROPE AND A SHOPPING SPREE< answer - Tom Hanks
To mark the release of The Terminal on DVD, we've teamed up with BAA.com for some great prizes...
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