Multiple Hard Drives Needed

Found 22nd May 2009
Hi there, does anyone know how I can get a good deal if I want to buy 8 hard drives at the same time? Also can anyone advise on the best 1-1.5tb drive. I am building a home server using a mutlidrive enclosure so if you have any ideas?? I think I have it sussed buts its very bathling and will be expesive.
Thanks a lot for any help.


these give discount on 5+ not a lot but maybe of some help
1TB Samsung SpinPoint F1 3.5" Hard Disk Drive
5+ £ 56.74 ex VAT, £ 65.25 inc VAT

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Thanks a lot, they look like a good drive

the quantity you are buying will make no difference,it is the amount you are spending that will determine any discount

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makes sense
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