multiple sims programmed onto 1 (mobile phones)

    do you guys know where i can buy a magic sim? i've checked on ebay. i basicaly want a programmable sim that i can store multiple sims onto... with the reader hardware too. any clue whats its called, wheree i can get it from etc?


    Try ]here.

    or check the section from international sellers ]here.

    Or ]here.

    Or ]here.

    Alternatively, put "STK function" in Google.


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    lot of those were just for 2 sim cards... however i did find what i wanted in the numerous responses you gave- thanks!!

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    does anybody use these? i was wondering if its possible to have all sims active simultaneously- so you can receive calls on any of the programmed numbers at any given time, or choose which "line" you want to use for an outgoing call?
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