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Found 14th May
I would like to purchase one of these tools. Purely for DIY stuff.
There appears to be an abundance of them at a wide range of prices.
i don’t want to spend big bucks obviously.
Screwfix do a Titan under thirty quid. But they don’t appear to sell spare blades, etc.
Has anybody got any real experience of the budget end tools?
Wolf is another brand in Amazon that appears good value but once again what about spares.
i have searched for a compatibility list as some of the brands are inter-changeable but can find nothing.
Any help appreciated
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The blades seem universal to me. I've got a own brand tool and all the attachments I've bought (different brands) fit that's not to say that's going to be the cases but bosch. Erbauer. Titan. Power performance and so on are all the same fittings
I got one from Asda last year for £15 but I was lucky as they were only on the shelves at that price for half a day!!, they are selling them again this year but are £25. Got loads of different attachments for it from Screwfix so don't worry about things not fitting.
I got a Wilko brand one for £7.50 last year on clearance - have only used it once and it was rubbish. I'm hoping it was just the blade that is rubbish - since as wayners says the tools appear to be interchangeable. The Wilko unit came with some converting attachments to other brands tools will fit.

I have a couple of other Titan power tools (chainsaw, SDS drill) and they are very good.
One of the best tools you'll have in your toolbox.
Blades are available on ebay.
The hole spacing does vary between some make, adaptors are available.
Check Maplins if you've one near you.
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Most use attachments with the generic 'star lock' fitting and are compatible across 90% of brands out there.


Screwfix £30 one is discontinued so impossible to get unless you're lucky which is annoying. Otherwise Asda is £25 and argos is £30 but both about 220w vs the screwfix 300w. Blades tend to be fairly universal.
I own Bosch corded one xxx180 cannot rememer the letters and it' the older model. It has taken so much abuse and I'm in the trade. I upgraded to a Makita which is equally good, although a little bigger but has the benefit of being cordless. Some blades are universal and the chart above gives you an excellent idea of fitment. I also find Lidl is a good place to buy them along with the blades under the Parkside brand.
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