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Found 24th Nov 2006
Me and Mrs Saxo are thinking of buying my mum and dad a flat screen tele for their bedroom,

It really needs to be the size of between 19" to 21" there abouts, it so they can put it on there wall in front of the bed.
oh preferably LCD

thanks for any help :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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I think the best bet at the mo might be currys, using combos of all the discount codes....

EDIT - do you want branded, unbranded, and what's your price range?

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Doesnt matter Emma as long as there is a guarantee !

Now price range would be anything up to £150 i think, it can be 19" as that looks big enough for them (thats what i have as a flat screen for my comp) and it looks ok.

I would have preferred getting a 19" for about £100 but i dont think that will happen hehe

Er... you might need to re-think either your spending amount, or what you're going to buy them. Basic 15" ones are £150 at Currys, 19" - 20" are a lot more...

I got a 9month old Toshiba 28" 100hz WS CRT with original stand and dvd player combo for £100 off ]gumtree.co.uk, for £150 there were 32" offerings.
But you say bedroom tv, 20" lcd no way for £150, but 19" very possible, but only if you find say a sub £110 19" monitor with comp/rg comp/scart inputs from a freeview box say so means waiting and is unlikely.
Get the emma offer of Samsung 17" Fullscreen lcd imho for £130.

Find out if they can fit a 24 or 28" tv in there?

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is 17 just a tad bit small ?? hhmmm might have to rethink this whole thing again lol

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yeh Emma, im not having much luck

Dimensions of the Tosh i mentioned:
Dimensions Width (mm): 804
Height (mm): 491
Depth (mm: 485

I only post that so you can find out how much space you have, alot of people getting rid of their 28" and 32" crt widescreen tvs to get these new 32-42" hd ready tv's and at good prices ;-)

Quality crt tubes trumps a small cheap budget lcd anyday imho.
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