Mums have gotta see this!!!

    Go on take a look mums, well worth it.


    absolutely loved this, all true, had me lol, have some rep:-D:-D:thumbsup:

    :giggle: very good

    Do you think it would work on my kids if I sang instead of shouting it

    Very good, Not a Mum but a Father

    Yes, so true, like mums.................................... They are annoying! .lol

    :lol: Yep......All true......AND MORE.:oops: LOL

    brill !

    i think I've said every single thing she sang to my daughter at one time or another lol.

    Just emailed the link to loads of people. Absolutely fantastic! Will show my son later so he knows it's not just me:-D

    loved it,

    hahaha!!! troo dat

    Original Poster

    Aww thanks for rep guy's weren't expecting that:)
    I recieved it from my Dad this morning as a n email and just thought it was fab and had to pass it on:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    I have posted this a few times, one of my favourite youtube videos -]THIS … I have posted this a few times, one of my favourite youtube videos -]THIS is it by Anita Renfroe who actually wrote itShe also did a dads version - ]CLICK HERE

    Sorry hun, didn't realise u'd done it b4 - I love the Dad one too - Soooooo true lol

    Dont worry about it, its just such a good video isnt it! I have shown it to so many people. You have to watch it a few times though, because you miss half of it through laughing!
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