Mums in hospital! How to get telly on laptop?

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Found 13th Sep 2008
My mums just had a op on her back a the age of 42! Shes stuck in (also has OCD so its kinda hard her being stuck in bed) and still cannot move her legs yet so im going to take my laptop into her! Is there anyway i can get telly on the laptop because shes paying £6 a day on them stupid telly payg things.

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iplayer, 4OD, download stuff from UK Nova etc..

You can also download a programe called Zattoo which lets you watch quite a few freeview channels.

There are also always those TV USB sticks which come with portable aerials but the reception can be a bit patchy in my experience.

ETA...wot he said above

Stick a usb tv adapter on it but you probably won't get a signla.

For all the other stuff, how is she going to get internet?

You could download loads of iplayer at home then take it in to watch.

Surely you'll need a broadband connection and I know that no hospital I've worked in allows wi-fi access.

bbc i player, itv catch up and 4OD let you watch last 30 days TV for free

Also unless she plans to run it off the battery the entire time she is there, it's unlikely they'll let you plug it into the hospital mains without it having an electrical safety check. Might be cheaper/easier to get a small handheld/portable tv which does take standard batteries.
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