Mum's looking to quit smoking and vape, any recommendations for a beginner kit and juices would be appreciated

    So my mum is planning on quitting smoking and get herself a little vape thing. I don't smoke myself. Or vape. So have no idea what's best for her to buy. She's previously bought the cheap ten quid E cigs but they've always leaked and lost battery really quick so she wants to avoid them

    She only smokes roll up, not packet cigarettes. I dont know if that would be helpful for anyone who would like to recommend a juice for her

    The ones I've looked at online so far from reading reviews are

    - Kanger IPow 2

    I've also learned that as she's moving from cigarette she should be looking at buying a mouth to lung kit. Is that correct? As I said I'm not a smoker/vaper myself so all help is appreciated from anyone who's makes the same switch or is knowledgeable on this stuff

    As for liquids. She'd like to stick to tobacco flavour and avoid the super cheap ones... I'm unsure what strength she would need to replace what she gets from the cigarettes

    Shes not really looking to 'quit' as such. She just would like to get away from the time she spends making cigarettes and get rid of the smell. Eventually she will work her way down the strengths of the liquids etc


    hi i wouldn't buy one online, try going into a shop, they will advice you on which one is better and strength of liquid, i bought the cheaper ones at first and when they stopped working i would buy a packet of cigs, most shops do a starter pack starting at 30.00 and may do a deal on your liquids

    Hello, I would recommend E-Lights. My mum is is 70 and has tried all types and by far found these the most simple to refill and use. These don't use the liquid bottle which can be difficult and there are no coils to keep changing every few of so weeks. The E-lights are Sold in Most supermarkets, Superdrug's and petrol garages but the best way to get your starter kit is on there web site. My mum uses the Logic Pro. To refill all you do is unscrew the device, drop the capsule in and screw it back together. It's that easy and the capsules comes in packs of 3. The starter kit is £10 and comes with everything you need including capsules. The capsules she uses is normal bold Tobacco which come in three different strengths. 18mg, 12, and 6 so lots of opportunities to work downward. My mum uses 18mg. Anyhow there is so many different brand and types it can be a minefield so I hoped this helps and if not have a great day anyway and all the best to you mum finding the right product.:) I've included a link to the websit…tml

    I had the Kanger IPow 2 and for normal vaping it was very good and even worked on 1.2ohm coils ( Subohm ).

    However, I'd recommend subohm kits, much better vaping experience.

    When I started vaping using normal ecigs I would often find myself in situations where the battery would be flat or the coils would stop working correctly, I used to be a fan of GSH2 coils but I would occasionally find myself needing a cigarette :(.

    Then I discovered subohm vaping and it's on the next level, Not once did i find myself needing a cigarette, Kangertech subtank was my favourite, Along with an Eleaf iStick 50w, Their are better batteries around now but that would last me a day and I had two. I had to drop liquid down to less than 6mg but as your intake of vapour is more you don't need as much.

    You say she doesn't want cheap liquids, Well I was skeptical but their is a very good value UK based eliquid seller, They're called OnepoundliquidTheir is a good thread here on the quality etc
    I doubt you'll find better value, The flavours are very intense, they do them all in various strengths and you'll be supporting a UK business, they're very quick to dispatch and often arrive the next day, Customer service is very good too. I would challenge anyone to find better eliquid, Especially for the price.!.

    I have totally quit now :).

    Good luck to your mum.

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    I agree with the onepoundliquid. When I first started I thought I would want the tobacco flavour but the flavours are much better and you're still getting the kick.
    Asda do a cheap starter kit at the cig counter. Maybe worth starting there to see if she likes it, before spending money.

    I would avoid that joyetech AIO, the wife had one but the coils are useless,burn out in a day of use.
    Ive been stopped over 18 months using a Nautilus Tank which is mouth to lung.
    Any of the battery mods will work we started off using iStick 30 watts.If you set the Mod to 10-12 watts that will be fine for the coils used in a Nautilus.

    Two years ago tried to stop using the pen type e-cigs lasted a day before going back to the roll ups. Seven months ago decided to give it another go and was recommended a Innokin Cool fire 4 plus and a apex tank. I started with this (about £45 on Amazon with a box of 0.5 ohm x 5 coils). The coils last between a week and 12 days, I vape at 22w on the coolfire. I began with 24mg liquid in hindsight I would have started with 12mg.

    I can honestly say that it was not at all hard switching to this from roll ups and I was smoking 50 grams every 3 days.
    I use onepondliquid and go through about 15ml of liquid every 2 days, and I am now down to 6mg.

    As I gain experience I have tried different tanks (now using a Innokin Axiom) and now make my own coils.

    Good luck to your Mum. The best thing giving up the fags for me was getting my taste buds and sense of smell back.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guy and girls. It's heavily appreciated. I'm Going to take note of all suggested above and sit down with her and show her them... I would be foolish not to try the onepoundliquid with her as it's been so well recommended above. So thanks for that also

    What a great bunch
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