Muppet from Merthyr complains to ASDA - Listen to this cracker!

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LOL - that is really funny - what a wally.

I loved the way the customer service assistant started stumbling - not knowing what to say - and laughing at the customer - so funny thank you.

Put ... Nicky Labron Prank call…q=f

]into Youtube search & you'll get more of his funny 'Prank' calls.

omg, what a complete prat!


You guys do know he's not really Welsh...he's from's from a TV show Fonejacker.

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I'm not sure that's right Bhav007...this guy is called Nicky Labron. Fonejacker guy is called Kayvan Novak, also very funny guy but not the same.

That's brilliant.

lol - very funny..
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