Murray T25 Unveiled.......the future of motoring?

    These are the first official pictures of the Murray T25, Gordon Murrays revolutionary city car.

    The tiny three-seater is being shown in public for the first time at Smith School's World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford later today.

    See the Murray T25 pictures

    It foreshadows a new era of tiny, great-to-drive economy cars as well as a highly original manufacturing process called iStream that slashes the investment, factory space and energy required for manufacturing.

    The T25, which it has been confirmed weighs around 575kg, has a much smaller road footprint than todays smallest production cars, the Smart Fortwo and Toyota iQ.

    It is 240cm long, 130cm wide and 140cm high - meaning it can be forward parked in spaces, and that three T25s would fit in the space traditionally occupied by one parrallel parked car. It has a turning circle of six metres

    It has independent suspension front and rear and is designed to be powered by a rear-mounted 51bhp 660cc, three-cylinder engine with 42lb ft of torque, linked to a five-speed clutchless transmission.

    That translates to a restricted top speed of 90mph, 0-62mph time of 16.2sec . Co2 emissions are rated at 86g/km, while economy is 74mpg.

    It also has anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control and an airbag, plus front and rear crush structures. Murray says the Formula One inspired tubular steel and composite floor chassis frame design creates a safety cell that is immensely strong.

    Murray is aiming to have the T25 ready for production in two years time, and there are strong indications that the first iStream factory will be in the UK.

    Eventually they could appear across the globe, close to the biggest population centres. Murray said the cars unusual design and progressive values have powerful appeal both to leading automotive and non-automotive brands.

    The car is also noteworthy for its revolutionary single door, which swings up to allow easy access even when the car is tightly parked.

    The driver sits centrally with a passenger on either side and slightly to the rear.

    Despite the T25s compactness, there is still space for several large suitcases. The rear seats also fold, meaning it has an official capacity of between 160 litres and 720 litres.


    Original Poster Banned

    Original Poster Banned

    apparently you can fit 3 side by side in a coventional car space.......i quite like it, stick a supercharger on it first though


    Looks like a skinny Smart car.

    looks like a hat,


    looks more like Andy Murray designed it

    or this

    cool but three seats just lacks that practicality i need. amazing the way manufacturing is heading though.

    all depends on price



    all depends on price

    yep same reason the french microcar doesnt sell

    its many thousands more than say a c1, and not really much smaller or extra mpg, just less useful and slow as a bus

    an economy compact car also has to be cheap

    the future is more likely this:

    Revolutionary door opening system circa 1970something

    Also, traction control + 52 bhp = me laughing

    Original Poster Banned

    its pretty radical this new istream business plus its British........oppourtunities are there to get in on it now if you have the capital…php

    i can see the tuk tuks going out of business:lol:

    Original Poster Banned

    T27 - the electric version

    British automotive entrepreneur Gordon Murray has released a stunning set … British automotive entrepreneur Gordon Murray has released a stunning set of performance targets for his forthcoming T27 electric city car which, if achieved, will make it the world’s most efficient electric vehicle.The car, an ultra-compact MPV with six different interior configurations, closely resembles Murray’s T25 petrol-powered city car.The electric T27 version is being developed as a partnership between Murray’s Guildford-based design company and Northampton-based Zytek Automotive, who are designing an all-new electric engine and gearbox.The project is financed to the tune of £4.5 million, around 50 per cent, by the government’s Technology Strategy Board.Murray T27 nears productionMurray and Zytek’s Bill Gibson say T27’s low kerb weight of 680 kilograms, which includes the weight of its 25kW (33 bhp) engine, its single-speed gearbox and a 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack, should allow it a range of between 80 and 100 miles, a top speed around 66 mph, and a 0-62 mph acceleration time below 15 seconds.Its CO2 footprint, which includes emissions from the power stations that provide its electric power at the outset, is just 48g/km on the combined cycle, and an astonishing 28 g/km on the city cycle alone (where emissions from petrol/diesel cars usually increase).Murray claims the T27’s whole-of-life CO2 emissions will be 42 percent less than those of an average conventional car in the UK. The T27 programme, which has been running for 16 months, is on target to produce a fully driving prototype on April 2011.Murray's T25 outspaces SmartMurray and Zytek have already begun pushing to assemble partners and funding for full-scale manufacture in the UK, using the ultra-efficient iStream process which Murray has devised to eliminate the high tooling costs of conventional steel monocoque cars and greatly simplify the automotive manufacturing process.Murray intends that iStream — which can produce cars of many sizes and designs — should become a worldwide phenomenon, but says he would prefer the first application to be in the UK, to keep the technology at home and to create an estimated 6000 jobs.

    Original Poster Banned

    Gordon Murray’s revolutionary T.27 electric city car reached the next, c … Gordon Murray’s revolutionary T.27 electric city car reached the next, crucial stage of its development this week, when it passed the mandatory crash test at the industry’s research centre, MIRA, with flying colours.“It’s a huge step forward for us and iStream,” said Murray. “We’d done 160 software simulations during its development, and this matched the predictions,” he added.Read more about the Murray T.27 - with full tech detailsThe T.27, which uses the company’s iStream composite monocoque chassis technology to reduce complexity and factory costs, emerged from the 35mph, EU 40 per cent offset deformable barrier front high-speed impact test, with zero cabin intrusion.The test is an important staging post towards a high EuroNCAP crash safety result, though Murray has already made it clear that he does not expect the car to achieve a five-star rating due to the absence of stability control and curtain airbags, which are compulsory for the top rating.Murray intends to start testing prototypes of the car later this spring.

    1 step closer…42/
    Edited by: "casparwhite" 26th Jan 2011

    That really is just an ugly smart car....and smart cars are already an eyesore.
    Looks like Wayne industries have been hit by the recession.
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