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    When Britney Spears, pop's biggest star, insists on lip-synching her way across the world, you could be forgiven for thinking all our music icons are cowards who can't sing live. Not the case with Muse, judging by their appearance on Italian TV show "Quelli Che Il Calcio" recently, where they were apparently asked to mime their new single, "Uprising". The band were so outraged by the request that they decided to play a practical joke on producers.

    Drummer Dom Howard was sent out to front the group and do "vocals", while singer Matt Bellamy took over stick duties. The comical results can be seen below, alongside the subsequent interview with the show's glamorous host, who makes it clear she has no clue who is actually in Muse, as Howard plays his frontman role to perfection while she blunders through question after question and an interpreter booms the responses in the background. Surely not even Fearne Cotton could make such a monumental blunder?…tv/


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    I this Oasis did something similar on Top of the pops

    Genius :thumbsup:

    Well done lads.

    awesome haha!

    i love how the matt bellamy guy is gettin right into the drums haha

    is this the gayest comment ever?

    9. Alex - Tue 22 Sep 2009 11:04AM BST
    Muse are the greatest and they are also very rebelious and what they did made me laugh because I haven't seen this for a while done

    good lord

    Alfonse;6360909 hat.......

    Agreed mime protests are nothing new, although I think Muse have the upper hand in terms of they actually swapped the band members about and the Producers and Host seemed to be none the wiser.
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